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Business Consulting? An Edge to Business Start-up.

Dany Hurtado Cardona

Dany Hurtado Cardona is a business consulting agency whose service is to give expert advice to people/brands working in a professional or technical field with special attention to entrepreneurship, tech projects, development of business models, and focus on digital marketing and sales. A consulting company that focuses on effective expert advice delivered with no questionable doubt to the user/ brand.


Small Business Consulting Services




Research certifications

Having certifications can help attract clients. The certified management consultant (CMC) certification is awarded to consultants who have met global standards of performance in technical competency, ethics, consulting competency, project management, and personal conduct.

Take care of your finances

Starting a company is a spendy proposition, so it’s important to create a budget that lays out all your costs. 
You may decide that you need additional capital to be successful. If you do take out a loan, make sure that you know how you will spend it.

A problem many consultants face is separating personal finances from business finances when they first start. To avoid spending mishaps, implement ways to distinguish your business costs from your personal costs.

Set your consulting fees

What are customers willing to pay for your services? This is an important question to hash out when you first start a consulting business. 

Consulting fees should be based on the value of your work and there are different consulting fee models. 
Ultimately you want to base your rate on your clients, the services you offer, and the time a proposal takes.

Create a Business/Marketing plan

Now it’s time to write a business plan. Your value proposition and target market are the base of your plan and should be highlighted at the beginning of the document.

From there, you want to create a plan that includes a competitive analysis as well as financial considerations, which include the cost of your consulting business and your forecasted profit.

Take note that business plans change over time and that’s okay. Don’t be afraid to modify your business plan when long-term goals evolve and new opportunities arise.

Because the consulting business is competitive, a marketing plan is crucial. Networking is the best method to secure consulting work. You want to become a reputable source whose opinion is valued in the industry. 
To do so, you have to constantly network and build loyalty among your client base.

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